Battery Park Dance Festival-2016

Another year, another Independence day celebration at the Robert F. Wagner Jr. park at Battery Park, NY. They only get better every year. What a visual treat in a spectacular arena for an entertaining night!

The stage, the lady, dancing MCs and eager dancers in the wings

Mayurbhanj Chhau: Ardhanarishwar

Carolina Prada wow-ing us with her flawless execution and incredible grace.

Bharatanatyam: Aadu Paambe

Surabhi Bharadwaj’s lilting grace brought to life this classic composition of Pambatti Siddhar to life.

Odissi: Sthai

Sooraj Subramaniam was spellbinding in the graceful style that came so effortlessly to him. One of the highlights of the evening.

Kuchipudi: Tarangam

Avijit Das’s expert rendition of the different facets of this dance form: Laya, Bhava and Nritya was intoxicating and left you wanting more.

Kathak: Extempore

Maestro Pt.Krishna Mohan Mishra showed us how its done with his improvisations to live music. He not only explained the intricacies of this north Indian dance form but got the audience to join in. A most exhilarating experience.

A snippet of his performance is up here:

After all the classical heavy lifting, the evening moved on to the fun part.

Contemporary: Dhrut

The Sumeet Nagdev Dance Arts dancers put on a spirited show on the different phases of time: past, present and future. It was a fest for the eyes, a graceful mix of ballet and classical indian dance moves.

Battery Dance: The Durga Project

And finally the Battery Dance’s very own composition, the Durga project. The deep blue twilight sky formed the perfect background for this exquisite performance art whose symbolism eluded me, but not its spectacular grace and fluid movement 🙂


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