Argentina: food and drink

Buenos Aires has a majority Italian immigrant population which influences most of its food. However, there is ofcourse the Spanish mainstay, only with an Argentinian twist. This includes the siesta, chocolate and churros (or tea, as the English call it) meal. Only we made it the crepes and empanadas and juice meal.

Like any major metro-city, BA has it’s own underground kitchen. We chose Casa Salt Shaker for our first night dinner. We had the best food with some really great company from all over the world; New Zealand, UK and US. Unfortunately, I seem to have finished my drinks too fast to take a photo.

Because we splurged (both fiscally and calorically) on dinner we decided to go healthy for lunch the next day, so went to Naturaleza Sabia restaurant in the San Telmo neighbourhood. This vegan restaurant came with some good and some bad. The good is shown down below the bad is not pictured 😉

Moving from the predominantly bland cuisine of BA to the north of Argentina we find the spicy Andean cuisine. Here is our dinner at Salta in La Vieja Estacion. Mighty touristy, but great food and good entertainment. I wish I had a picture of the Humitas they serve: best rava upma, this side of the Atlantic!

Finally on to the wine-country in Argentina, Mendoza. No trip to Mendoza is complete without a good wine tasting and we had a great half-day tour tasting at both traditional and modern wineries and ended it with an olive oil tasting  just to balance out all that alcohol.


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